Pedestal Origami


The Paper Gangsta – Sazeli Jalal’s origami fashion photography, paper couture

Cult films,
Ruby and Kit,
Graffiti art,
Pedestal origami,
Paper shapes,
And a poets verse,
A podium of designs,
A little treasure trove,
Of a quirky kind,
A little heart shaped box,
A kitty and a swan,
And a sailing boat,
And creased,
and tied into a bow,
Ruffled, around the edges,
Symmetry defined,
An artist’s contemplative mind,
Raw and conceptual,
Bent, off beat,
An abstract find.

17 thoughts on “Pedestal Origami

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  2. Okay, and here’s the thing: I didn’t get any of your references (I’m far too old for every one of them, I am sure) but the prose is riveting. And (I think) that’s more important. Right?

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  3. What I love about this piece is the randomness of your references as it fits the mode of creativity very well. Many things around us (even those buried deep with the recesses of the mind) play a part in how we see the world around us and create what we experience. I love the title and origami-like flow to the piece itself.

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