Little Wax Museum

Black puddle,
Spilling –
Pooling and drying,
Like a little wax museum,

Safe sex and art class,
All the kids, want to get high – acid fumes and trips to the other side, 
Punk rock and Goth,
Tarnish the sheets grey,

Time to get up,
And shout,
The way – to bohemia,
Past the netherworld,
Into the region above the clouds; a soft place.

We can go together,
Leave when we’re done,
Twitching on the outside,
Within, a ruptured heart,
Bursting at the seams, 

Rip apart the fabric,
Holding us down,
Let’s break free of the chains,
Shred the walls,
Sledgehammer and pitchfork,
I won’t be labelled no more.

Inspired by the very HOT Australian band, Waax. Make sure to check them out!

17 thoughts on “Little Wax Museum

  1. We live in a world of labels and we are adding more and more every day… it’s like if we don’t label it, we can’t explain it or know what it is… great write!!

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