He said,
Let me take your wings,
Draw them back and still the flight,
Free you from the dark of night,

She said,
Let me be,
The night’s shadows dance with me,
Entwined in the shade of black orchid dreams,

Branches bow above desires lips,
Love in the shape of a heart,
My wings, will never be clipped,

He said,
I will walk beside,
In perfect rhythm,
Watch as the sun lights your way,
And the shadows play across your face,
Glide with you,
Hold you in reverie,
My daydream you will be,

She said,
Sweetheart, fly with me,
Through the clouds,
Soft and cottony,
Storms may blow,
The wind may rage,
lightning clash,
The sky, an almighty high,

She said,
He said,

They said,
Let us be,
As one,
In the light of the sun,
In the dark of moon,
Together we will take flight,
Feathered in lovers muse.

Copyright words by Jennifer Calvert

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