Right or Wrong?

Whisky bottle and fallen tears,
Moaning creeks –
And obscured mask,
Sighs and moans,
Awash, by blurred lines,
Eyes bleed –
With the weight to see –
Clouded in the heaviness of self,
Steam casing the highland,
Absorbed by the mist,
Open and wide awake –
In continuing dreams,
Of hide and seek,
A children’s tale,
An adult’s reality,
In circles, round,
And squares, edged,
Both sharp and curved,
Piercing and numb,
In wail and whine,
Absent cries,
Cover the holes, with tape,
Bandage the bind,
Wear the costume,
Behind the shapes,
Lost in a sense of right or wrong –

Of heartbreak.

© Jennifer Calvert 2016

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