I Don’t Think You Like Me?

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I don’t think you like me,
I can hear it in your voice,
Crude and overriding,
A simple flaw,
Diamonds and pearls clasp,
The edges of your curves,
Slipping on your mesh,
Weaving a moody tongue,
And lips of rose and heat,
A Cyprus concoction and dirty cigarette –
A mouldy vice,
Boned and ribbed,
A cage of indiscretion,

I don’t think you like me,
I can see it in your eyes,
Draining and withdrawn,
A thorn in her finger,
Shake your blood,
To get it moving,
A tourniquet to strap the lesion,
A fucker of stolen hearts,
Covet op and a bent boulevard,
A cult is better tasted on the lips of nuns –
A convent for fun,
Cautioned by the rebels,

I don’t think you like me,
I can feel it on my skin,
Purple and excessive,
The wine flows,
The art of life, on the run,
My flesh stings,
Little pricks of shame,
Amused by naked bodies,
Cinders spin – a complexion of ash,
Blitz my broken heart,
Onslaught –
Ambush my worried mind,

I think you like me,
I can sense your troubled mind.


13 thoughts on “I Don’t Think You Like Me?

  1. Nice imagery…I feel like the “You” in “You don’t like me” could be the self, like looking in the mirror to see society’s version instead of true self. Or, projecting the negative onto the physical to free up one’s spiritual conscious.
    Well done.

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