A beautifully written, heartfelt poem by Deb at Living In Stigma. Please follow the link and visit Deb’s page.

living in stigma

Can I tell? Will I tell? Should I tell?
Will they believe, will they laugh, will they comfort?
Will they act, will they turn me away, will I cry?
Will I be damaged goods, will I be whole again, will I ever be me?
Did I make this up, did this really happen, am I sure?
Was it dark, was it morning, afternoon?

My mind is cloudy, no it’s not, it’s clear
It happened

Did it smell, yes it did, he did
Why didn’t I fight, why was I weak, why was I stupid?
Sure I knew better, no I didn’t, they said I should have
It’s confusing, I’m confused, why are you confused?
You think I’m lying, I know you do, why?

Is there light ahead, will I live, am I strong?
Do I want to die, yes I do, yet I don’t
Please save me, no don’t, I…

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