A bit of poetry on PTSD

An courageous post about living with PTSD and the everyday struggles.


I just returned from presenting at a conference over the weekend. It was an amazing and vulnerable experience to tell my story, and what it’s like to live with PTSD everyday. The group that came to my session was amazing. In fact, all the people were amazing. No matter where we are on our individual paths, just the fact that we are committed to growth and change and, for many the difficult process of healing, I applaud the tremendous courage it takes.  This poem is the first thing I had ever written to share what it feels like. It seems like eons ago that I showed it to my very understanding friend, who encouraged me to keep writing. Years ago, but the words still hold true today.

It doesn’t matter if it is cold, hot, sunny, snowing or raining.

There is no telling when it is going to…

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