“Having Patience”

A beautifully written poem about belief, courage and strength. Please follow the link to Having Patience.

Poems, Expressions & My Opinions On Spirituality

When my heart cried out to God my soul was renewed.

Heaven was watching in order to make my life brand new.

Joy cometh in the morning while weeping during the night.

God shows perfect love everyday when the sun shines bright.

Peace lasts forever when hearts are mended back together.

The strength I have now compares to no strength any man that made a vow.

God is my teacher and Jesus is my mentor.

The fruit that I carry within keeps my soul from trembling.

Perfect love casts out fear as so the bible say.

My favorite scripture is Romans chapter eight verse twenty-eight.

My mind is at ease and my cares are cast on Jesus.

Hope is everlasting but purity relies within us.

Give your all to God and he will give all to you.

Patience is a virtue and it is true.

Now my job is to…

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