A heartbreaking poem, emotional and raw, by Balraj. One I think many can relate to.

Balraj Sohal Poetry

Tidal waves of double standards is your favourite scenery,

Rotting strings of attachment have been cut by your insecurity,

Undreamt realities of wrongdoing is what I see now,

Tirelessly weakened by the demands of your happiness,

Hallucinated affection for the past year, is that what we were bound by?

You still can’t see the Truth?

Fictional characters we are in these dust filled pages,

Arithmetic’s cannot be found in our chemistry,

Crept around your mistreatment of my sensitivity,

Titanic frame of mind – I couldn’t see the fatality until it was too late,

Shrivelled up with no one left has become too much of a common trait.

You still can’t see the Facts?

Bridge the gap between my sanity and anxiety,

Realising I’m dealing with a heart that doesn’t beat for me,

Outlined the obscurity of every word that you’ve spoken,

Kidnap the memories we share, they are no longer…

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