All the way love.

You know I love a good romance poem! This is such a gorgeous poem of love, straight from the heart! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


This week’s Haiku prompt is quite interesting, and since I have been in the euphoria of some real good loving memories today my wedding anniversary, This was the stuff that flowed as I responded to the prompt. Though it may not be a Haiku. Thanks @RonovanWrites#weekly#Haiku#Poetryprompt#challenge#85 Tight & Warm.

He held my hands so firmly

And I held on to him

We walked together hand in hand

Side by side.


His eyes lurked into mine

I gaze upon his smile

and I knew he’ll be mine….until the forever end!


He made me a woman

He brought out my essence on that beautiful night

I held on to him tightly,

His warm caress overwhelms my being

I knew that I’ve found mine

Will be mine together forever.


Tightly and soothingly warm

The embrace will linger on

Thirteen years today,

Many more years ahead.


I am my lover’s bride

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