Only say the word and my soul shall be healed

After reading this piece by Sam, I felt uplifted. A beautifully written poem about coming to terms and moving forward.

The Starlit Octave Band

Only the say the word and my soul soul my healed Only say the Word and my Soul shall be healed

Jesus knew the one of him
One of the very apostles he loved
Would hand him over to the enemy

He knew that he will be betrayed
That he will have to die on a cross
Enduring severe pains

Yet did he do something?
Not to honor his fathers will
Who sent him to die

If abba father says something
It will be done
No matter what happens

So who are we to change it?
When the Lord himself chose it?
To lead us into the final victory

Oh sweet my mind why do your sweat?
Oh lord devine please come to my aid
Lies ahead a test of mine

If you want father,
You can take this cup
You can remove this wine

But not in my will,
Yet in yours
For you are truly devine

Not for theā€¦

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