Panic Scratches the Ignition Moon

If you aren’t already following Charlie Zero, you should be. His poetry always blows me away and leaves me in contemplation. Just brilliant!

Charlie Zero The Poet

Someone stole the sun from the sky.

Someone stretched the stars from the sea.
Who would’ve thought I’d be living in a dream.
Who would’ve thought celestials would scream?
I stare towards the fragile moon
showers smear your colored skin at noon.
There is no such thing as god
Self-youth commodity culture mod.
Happy drugs devour people
cartoon funnies ignition us cripple.
Wet fermented chainsaw cigars
devils fuck me soring scars.
The feeling penetrates me free
blowjobs sparkle my face glee.
Soft & warm moist spring desires
the monster man ties me up in wires.
I want to drink your foggy smell
pieces of me belong in hell.
Cryo-chambers laboratory birth
numb world panics spoiled earth.
Sniffing cocaine from the clouds
stomach growls a painful loud.
Desolation mumbles a worn out rain
memories haunt you infecting you of pain.
Scratching away from the hole that I’m in
a glimpse of…

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