Desperation Sun #7

‘Tainted happiness, trampled by psychological flu
hot tears deteriorate wisdom, look closely it is you.’
Charlie Zero has done it again! I love this and the last sentence is just amazing. The absurdities of society!

Charlie Zero The Poet

I lick the soups chrome thunder

itchy orgasms in the vast wonder.
Sun ejaculates bursting come
white semen feasting to some.
California plastic mannequin humans’
Narcissistic selfies turned inhuman.
Wannabe hipsters all personality a fake
cold backstabbing two-face snakes.
There are too many errors, eyes unclean
Desperate 9 & 7, don’t know what they mean.
The sound of Pavlov’s bell rings money
god on a cross covered in molten honey.
Sweet bruises decomposition hours;
evolution dips its feet purely sour.
The starving skeleton plant wants to be fed
protesting away fuck; hope corrupts your bed.
Visions rust the melting frame
lighter fluid X marks the name.
A psychedelic mouth, a slip typhoon,
drugstore spirits steam the hairy spoon.
I tell stories about myself as a lunatic paranoid
I’m writing like a madman driven by his own void.
Comic book heroes reflect my personal life
villains often times invade within my…

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