Guest Poet On Ink & Quill: Antony Ros

It is with great pleasure, I would like to introduce my next feature guest, Poet Antony Ros, from Perso In Poesia. I have been following Antony’s work for some time now, and his words blow me away. He writes with passion, heart and strength. His a humble man, who doesn’t realise just how talented he really is. So please visit his blog and let him know.


Rather than share a favourite poem, I’d like to gift Ink and Quill a new one, just for your blog.

I Would Love To Say

I would love to say, I love this world just as it is
But I do not
There are far too many tragedies, when hope is about religion
Instead of decency and respect
When faith is a membership, instead of compassion and goodwill
When charity is given
With malice and contempt
I would love to say, I love this world just as it is
But I do not
There are far too many tragedies, when women are ill abused
For they are thought to be less
When children are beaten, because they cannot fight back
When animals are mistreated
At the hands of those who feed them
I would love to say, I hate this world just as it is
But I cannot
There are far too many beauties, where hope is about commitment
In giving your word in the name of love
Where faith is about believing, being good leads to a peace for all
Where charity is about integrity
In giving of yourself, is an honour
I would love to say, I hate this world just as it is
But I cannot
There are far too many beauties when two unite in bond
Blessed in friendship or love
When children laugh in purity, rightfully protected and nourished
When animals are cared for
In harmony of companionship
I would love to say, I love myself just the way I am
But I do not
There are far too many scars, that keep my doors shut
I would love to say, I hate myself just the way I am
But I cannot
There are far too many hearts, that have made a difference in mine.




NAME: Antony Ros


AGE: 56

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I’ve always been a, I don’t give a shit about anything, type of person. For the most part it’s true. I’ve come to realize that doing this is harder than I thought. I knew it was going to be hard but this is fucking crazy hard. Talking about myself is not normal. Here goes nothing…

‘I’m a Canadian who does not, love hockey. I don’t like bacon. I do live in British Columbia and it’s a beautiful place. A must visit.’


I am a loner. I travel alone at home and abroad. Honestly, I prefer it that way. Some of my poetry draws a picture of a missing love. Don’t we all have a missing love? I’ve accepted that fact for the rest of my life. Not that there were never opportunities, it’s that I could not fulfil that duty, on my part. So rather than try with the notion that I will fail, I chose to not play. After all these years, I regret it, not trying. My cross to bear.

I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll leave this with you.
If anyone has a question…just ask. Visit my about page and fire away. No holds barred.

Peace and love

Antony x

When did you first start writing?

December 29, 2014. I think that’s the day I set up WordPress, that’s when I started.

‘I’ve always had words in my head, verses flowing just like you all. Some written down on paper and thrown away. Some just float in my head, trapped.’


What does poetry mean to you?

EVERYTHING! It’s now my source to heal.

What might inspire you to write a poem? How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

All my poems begin with a thought. Comes from many feelings in that moment. Just like a painter, who sees a vision in the setting sun that would inspire the Mona Lisa. It’s all the sad or happy that fill my life. Some are true events (not telling which) some are desires and yearnings. It comes out in words, to be written down and I tell myself it doesn’t matter what people think, but it does. I like that you like and when you like, it inspires me to write.

‘I write for myself but have now grown to want to write for you. You all, in this community inspire me with your words and passion and hurt and love. That’s life. Life inspires.’


Which writers/poets inspire and influence your own writing?

I hate this question, haha, I do not have a favourite, too many to choose. I’m all over the place I think. Mix of sad, hate, love, sex, a bit of nature, God and Satan, hell ya! Our life is their doing. Good and Bad. Bastards…….the both of them. The ultimate poker game and it’s running on CNN.

Tell us about your writing process: Pen and paper, computer, notes?

Tablet… easy to edit.

Has your idea of what poetry is changed since you began writing poems?

I was a horrible student. Never paid attention in school. Failed miserably. My idea of poetry was just as vile as math or chemistry. Too hard to understand. Now, it’s my daily breath (Poetry that is) fuck math and chemistry.




29 thoughts on “Guest Poet On Ink & Quill: Antony Ros

  1. This is excellent, and heartfelt, as Antony’s work always is. He hits straight for the heart, the gut, and the lower extremities frequently. Enjoyed the interview, and glad to hear he is working out his healing with his words that he chooses to share with the rest of us. ❤

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  2. This was so hard to do. Holy crap Jennifer, ya made me reach a new place. Thank you. It’s not very detailed but it’s a small me. I appreciate your support, ever since we met, like many others, you have been an angel.
    Sending you hugs from the pacific shores of the great (not so white, thanks global warming) white north.


    Divo lol

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