Blood Thirsty


Blood thirsty for your love –
On the edge of no return,
Yearning, like never before,
Boy, I’m dying –
In the grip of your hand,
You got me all tied up, lost within your tongue,
Tangled in your blood stained lips,
Indescribable this desire,
Licked, wound in gaping desire,
You lock your teeth around my throat,
Shedding the skin,
Boy, I’m alive –
In the heat of the night,
In mortality, we sink,
Deeper and deeper our love on the brink,
Tethered in your fangs.
Blood thirsty for your love.

I’ve listened to this song, over and over, in the car. I love it and Band Of Skulls.

So sexy and sensual.


8 thoughts on “Blood Thirsty

  1. Love this poem. Reference to “vampiric activity” but you say ” in mortality, we sink” so I know it’s lust and a powerful wanting at that. Well written.

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