I’ll Shut The Bedroom Window


I’ll shut the bedroom window,
The draught will crawl under the door,
Our hearts, left in the cold,
Lying naked on the floor,

Two skeletons –
Of bare necessities,
Strange steps, encircling self,
Grinding our rational minds,
To chalk and brine,

Unlit, by the darkness of the room,
June brings the nightfall,
Mends our tired eyes,
The rawness of the day, left behind,
Skinny-dip in the puddles,
Everyone knows we are insane,

Let me love you,
A hundred candles,
To transcend across your face,
Blurred by the tears to wash away,
Gold crown sitting heavy on our heads,
Skulls overflowing with chrome,
Transforming our minds.

I’ll open the bedroom window,
Let the fresh air flow,
Bask in the warmth of your glow,
Two skeletons of façade,
Bolstering with the frame.


22 thoughts on “I’ll Shut The Bedroom Window

  1. I was hooked by the first stanza – the considerate act of closing the window only to have the draught crawl under the door is familiar yet symbolic. The strange steps suggest a first time – beautifully put. And then the crescendo of the fourth stanza !

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