Kiss Me Slowly

Kiss me, slowly,
Gently, press your lips,
To mine,
Embrace, my tongue,
Delight my senses,
Sustain me with your love,

Kiss me, slowly,
Softly, renew my heart,
Rain drops to soothe our temptation,
Deprive me of my rational mind,
Lose ourselves in the sunlight hours,
The shadows can’t reach us now,
Our tongues insatiable with lust,

Kiss me, slowly,
Achingly, savour in the touch,
Our mouths dense with the punch,
Set the pace, our expressions swift,
Fingers to melt into skin,
Exploration of limbs,
Bra strap, untangled,
Belt unbuckled,

Kiss me, slowly,
Submit, steadily clasp my body,
Dishevelled, by the sensation,
Pulse and thread,
I will give my body to you to undress,
Bare, I will stand,
Before your gaze,

Kiss me, slowly,
Tenderly, I’m yours to taste.

33 thoughts on “Kiss Me Slowly

  1. Um , yeah! Dayum (Damn)! Shit! Loving it! Here’s what I love about it, aside from the subject matter. The visuals. You wrote just enough for my imagination to fill out the rest. And we all know the brain is the sexiest organ we have. Is the brain an organ? Well anyway, thanks for this lyrical delight! I loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

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