Rabbit Feet

Of fettered footsteps,
Drawing near,
Tainted eyes and drained throats,
Burnt hearts folded,
And charcoal lips,
With open mouths,
And swollen tongues,
Of silence, muted by the throngs,
Rabbit feet around our necks,
Leather worn and superstitious,
Tackled by indiscretion,
And feeling reckless,

Upon me now, I can feel hands reaching,
Grasping at my soul,
Bound and shackled by this love,
Stemmed and slow,
My spine grates, rasps,
Grinds the bone back,
Backbone flakes,
Crying a bloody mess,
Exposing my weakness, in fleshy unveil,
Lay bare, upon the steps,
In naked duress,
You hold me captive,
An exhibition in your play,
It is all, but a cruel game.

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