Who Am I To Me?

me 2Who am I?
Under this façade,
Under the bronzer and shade,
Who am I?
Between youth and old age,
Between blemishes and imperfections,
Who am I?
In the reflection,
In the mirror of self-obsession,
Who am I?
In searching,
In seek,
Who am I?
When lost,
When found,
Who am I?
To you,
To me.

45 thoughts on “Who Am I To Me?

  1. All the makeup in the world can not improve upon the beautiful gentle fire within your soul that so warmly illuminates this small corner of our universe.
    I count myself fortunate to know you, and your words, Poetess.

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  2. Nice!.A moment of reflection. It’s like your asking the reader, and yourself at the same time. In my opinion, these questions if frequently asked and answered by yourself will always lead you down the road of no regrets, the road to transformation, the road to happiness.

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