A Thousand Promises



The day, of grey skies,
Washed in clouds,
Circling white doves,
Casting shadows over our love,
You and me, we meet under a raincloud,
The lampshades on fire – we found it hard to breathe,
The inhalation of the smoke sent alarms bells ringing,
Gasping for air, full throttle,
An empty cavity where my heart use to be,
A hollow, worn out echo,
Hazy, my vision a drained sight,
In the fog, a flame leaps,
If only we could get back, to where we use to see,
A thousand promises, blinded from the start.



30 thoughts on “A Thousand Promises

  1. So fine, clever lady. I love the images of a sky washed in clouds and meeting under a raincloud (nice setup for future storms, too!). My past (and most other people’s, I imagine) is littered with many moments that I enjoyed at the time but never realised just how ‘perfect’ they were until they had passed into the realms of ‘will never happen again’. I can lose myself in these memories and you’ve done such a beautiful job of painting what I’ve just expressed so clumsily. This one struck a deep chord.
    Have I mentioned how much your writing blows me away? ;p Enjoy your day, my friend.

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