Halo’s and Hope


Against the weather pane,
The cold air spins,
Lips sealed together,
In pace we kiss,
The taste of your salty mouth,
Baring down on my chin,
Cheeks wet in tears,
Blinded by light,
And the grace in your eyes,
The halo, that rests on your head,
And the starry night skies,
Reflections of darkness upon your face,
Echoes beyond the cries of the creek,
An angel stands before a sinner like me,
To battle the depths of my soul,
I stumbled upon her,
In bone white dress,
Fragrances of midnight sky,
And remnants of my heart,
Left to die,
She gathered them up,
Mended the pieces,
Placed them on my chest,
And kissed the wound, of flesh,
To heal, a place deep within,
To breathe once again.


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