Not Forgotten


 ‘In longing breathe, your lips linger and caress,  bone-deep loss felt below the cross. Unforgotten still.’

You may have noticed I haven’t been on WordPress as much of late. With life getting more and more busy with each passing day and, myself realising that I need to slow down. That my active mind, can’t take the strain. Between life as a mother, a teacher, a student, and a writer things have just got too much and while I don’t like to talk about my personal self, as I’m very much a ‘just get on with kind of person’, I realise now, that anxiety is playing a big part in my life.

So, while I will continue blogging and writing, as it is a love of mine and makes me feel better. I’m just trying to take the pressure off myself. I will make sure to visit your blogs and stay in touch. I will only be posting when I can. I was posting once a day every day. Now I will try post 2-3 times a week. More when possible, less if necessary.

The guest writer feature will continue soon. So please if you are waiting to be featured I haven’t forgotten about you.
Hope you all are well.

Love Jen



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