Our Little Sanctuary




To wrap my little beating heart in  folds of silk,
To listen as it strokes in soft falling snow
Rapping on the windowpane,
Bursting light into day

To press my pulsing lips in the mouth of desire,
To taste the salty pleasure, as our lips drench
Pressing on the walls; crumbling like sand,
Grit to travel across the seas.

To  stroke my fingertips between the thigh and the hip,
To feel the sensations pulling and drawing me in,
Vibrations to shake the autumn leaves from the trees
To lay lightly at our feet.

To rest my pounding head, in the bend of your arm,
To feel the warmth of your being,
Sheltered in the hidden depths of your soul,
Sanctuary from the harshness of this world.


6 thoughts on “Our Little Sanctuary

  1. I love this. It’s passion and sensuality but the best kind: trusting, safe, she feels secure, protected, cared for, as if she is the most precious of gifts. The first line is my fav “to wrap my little beating heart in folds of silk.” Very visually appealing and says right away, her heart is safe with him.

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