Each day the tide arrives
Ripples and rolls
Wraps around my throat
Sucks the air from my lungs
The silence of the water
Washes over my chaotic mind
In stillness I am left

It is merely a ripple in the wave
An open space converging
Twirling in the light of the sun.
Opening my eyes to the way of the world.
And as the sunshine flickers warmth across my face
I’m left dwelling on the depths of the ocean
Buried my heart below the seafloor
a watery grave
with seashells to mark the spot
and my voice carries an echo
throughout the ages
Uniting time
and drowning my heart with breathe once more.



11 thoughts on “Blind

  1. Beautifully written. So sad the ocean makes her blind. And even though light shines in her watery grave, she cannot see it; there she is blind too.


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