Please Understand

A beautiful poem about the healing journey by Lisa Meister. ❤️

God is Good

I look across the ocean
Of this thing called life
I’m sitting in my little boat
The water cold as ice

I paddle left, I paddle right
Until my muscles burning
My little boat, it almost sunk
Because the waves were churning

A ship it gaily comes up by
Filled with my friends and fam
They call to me to hurry up
Not happy where I am

“What’s wrong with you,” they ask of me
“We are going fast
So hurry up, be on your way
Don’t look at your boat, look past”

They’re in a ship I’m in a boat
Their life won’t understand mine
While I silently row and row
They can laugh and enjoy their time

Don’t they see I can’t get out
I’m stuck here in my little boat
If I could be with them, no doubt
I would in their ship just float

But I…

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