Rocking Horse

The devil flipped a coin
His left hand weighed down –
The penny dropped
in echoing sound
Seduced by the edge of the town
the house of ill-repute
and bourbon bars found.

Secrets riffle against the wind
Blowing smoke
to ashes
His black trench
filthy in the slum
shrouded in blood
bones crack under his boots –
the crashing sound
made worse by the still.

a nightmare for some
A god broken by the shantytown
Lain with the devil
In a tangled bed
Sheets suffocate –
the fibres bare
Flesh red raw
A hot swelling bed.

The devil flipped a coin
The penny dropped
Right in front of his nose
He breathed the toxic air
Deep within his lungs

The rocking horse in the house
Swayed his mind
The ceiling caving
Spilt and mouldy
The heart once had
Leaking on the mantle
Crimson wrung
Before he knew
The devil stole his deepest thoughts
Empty is his cup,
Heavy is his pocket.
Inside his crooked mind.                                                                                                                                                                                          In smeared grotesque

Where some venture – irreproachable


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