The Mad Hatter

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Miss Apiheiress

China of finery,

Little saucers and sugary treats,

Lacey doilies and teapots hanging from trees,

Hares and grinning Cheshire Cats,

Hats of black, big hats, small hats,

The Hatter has,

A hat parade,

Riddle me this,

Recite with me,

Nonsensical poetry,

Little white rabbits hop through the woods,

Down the rabbit hole,

One two three,

Come to wonderland,

Don’t be shy,

The Mad Hatter will open your eyes,

The world is upside down,

Suspended by a wire,

The Queen of Hearts,

She likes to spill blood,

She’s looking for thrill,

She’s looking for laughs,

Her croquet mallet swinging,

The foul mouthed Monarch,

Wants your head swung across the garden path,

We don’t all bite,

Well only a little,

So come to wonderland,

Where time is twisted,

Bent and still,

Of tea parties and Alice’s pills.


20 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter

    • Thank you Kevin! So glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it. Was completely out there and quirky to write. I would love to visit there, I’ve been to England in the past but didn’t make it there. Another great reason to go back one day! ☺️


  1. Jennifer, one of my favorite poems by you. Truly surrealistic and you’ve captured the imagination of the mad hatter’s vision. I love this in so many levels. 🙂

    P.S Miss you Jen…I’m back! Say, I released my first book of poetry. I don’t know if you’ve read the last comment on your other blog. If so, go to my page. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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