Sip, Part 2




Malt liquor,
Sip, a mouthful to sedate,
Swallowed, by greed and thirst,
Deprivation, A hunger for the kill,
The taste of gluttony, too pleasing a thrill,
Devouring the consumed,
The mind a dangerous tool,
Haphazard and messy,
Wagered, a life,
Alice, enclosed,
A deadly cocktail to quench her soul,
Haemorrhaging on the inside,
Her battle just begun.

30 thoughts on “Sip, Part 2

  1. Part 1 picture she was soaked in blood, now part 2 it comes in full circle of her washing off the blood and and drinking a big glass of a mysterious drink.

    You sure have a very extreme vivid imagination which I love that about you.
    You’re not afraid to show us as humans the side of torture and pleading for help of another human being.

    Gosh! Jennifer…your words and imagery have evolved increasingly high.
    Where does or how does your imagination come up with these stories and imagery?

    I love it Jennifer. 🙂


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