I Kissed A Girl

With lips open and succulent,
Titillating and moist,
Bareness brushes against, the delicateness of her skin,
Gently stroke –
Press together,
Lick and suck,
In tempered thirst,
Fingers to caress, each location,
Our bodies of perspiration;
Wet and damp,
On the brink of collapse;
Dip and guide,
Hands behind our back,
Tied and bound, to the cuffs –
Wrapped around, the bed,
To kiss, the lips of a girl,
The sweet sensations;
Atmospherically exposed,
To stimulate and spur,
Limbs an entangled mess,
Mouths vulnerable and feverishly awaiting,
The wetness of our love and;
Insatiable tongues.

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