Rabbit Run, Part 2

The bastard was hiding in the dark,
Between dusk and dawn,
Rope and cigarette,
Smouldering fag end,
Master of hysteria,

Take it all off,
Stripped of my winter coat,
Wrists in hitch knot,
Chains and hoist,
A net and begrudge,
A fathomable fall from grace,

Yet, somehow in the transcending,
Of this horrible fate,
The prey becomes the hunter,
The queen the chase,
Her silk threads and crown,
Her only chaste,
Run rabbit, run,

The monarch pleas,
The smell of fear gripping,
As the palace roars, bloodthirsty,
The king, a malice heart,
The taste of the quest,
Sipping on his tongue,
Eyes bulging, as she runs,

The hunter, becomes the hunted,
In this royal game,
Too late,

Run rabbit, run.



A big thank you to William Lee,Β for inspiring and promptingΒ me to write a part 2 of Rabbit Run. xxx

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