your lost self………….

I love this piece and can totally relate; feeling quite lost too! Beautifully written.


It was looking at me from inside the water, it was dancing around the waves, yet maintaining its position.

I was a victim of calumny, usually people don’t get punished for their egregious behavior. But I was different, I was about to receive punishment for my munificence, my natural human quality.I was left bereft by the series of incidents that occurred to me, and that also killed my alacrity.

To adumbrate the situation, I was dead, not from outside, but from inside. It was still starring at me from inside the water.Why are you looking at me shockingly? It asked. I am nothing but your reflection, you are my creator, you own me.

I was baffled to hear that, I tried to capitulate, a feeling of compunction was there somewhere inside me.

I replied- I don’t own you, you are different, you have nothing in common with me. You are…

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