Submissions on Ink and Quill


Ink and Quill is accepting submissions.

Would you like to feature on Ink & Quill?

I’m looking for poetry, and fiction, art, music and photography that is original, quirky, dark, romantic, thought provoking, empowering…new or previously published on your site.

In particular, I would like to feature poetry, fiction, art music, or photography in honour of powerful and empowered woman.

The submissions will feature on Ink and Quill weekly and on the side bar!

Please include all work in an attachment file, including images and copyright links to photographs.

*Poems: include 1-3 poems. Include a brief bio and location.

*Fiction: 1 fiction piece per submission, 500 word limit. Include a brief bio and location.

*Photography and art: please include up to 5 pieces or photographs, and a brief bio and location and inspiration behind the art or photograph.

Please submit all submissions to inkandquill at outlook dot com dot au

Please allow one month response time.

Thanks Jen


31 thoughts on “Submissions on Ink and Quill

  1. Hi! Jennifer, how are you? Long time no talk. Guess what? I released my first book of poetry. You’ve missed out these whole 2 weeks.

    Go to my page and read the 2 blogs. One is about my release of the book and the second blog is about my book review by my Canadian friend.

    Also, are the submissions still open?

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    • I know, I’ve been swamped! 😓 big hope to be on here more often now!
      That is absolutely wonderful Charlie! How exciting. Congratulations! I will be over to check out all I’ve missed and I’ll be wanting a copy of your poetry book! 😀

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  2. Hi Jen. I’d love to write a story for you again, so I’ll put my thunking cap on! Powerful and empowered women, eh? Sounds like a brilliant topic ☺ I’m currently writing an alternative history story featuring Cleopatra, so I guess I’m getting in some practice!

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