A Beautiful Mind

Behind a door

of vintage rust

and sterling frame

the light stretched

in hues of golden rays,

Beneath the threshold



and silent

a little box

of household goods,

packaged into

a square,

telling of a life once lived,

Tears of sorrow


her eyes wide

open and knowing

hands of yesterday’s grasp,


slipping from her throat,

she released

all that kept her


the bars of society bled

and the walls became paper-thin

the whispers grew into screams

and she knew it only

as a beautiful lie

soothed in

and soaked in

honeyed minds.



7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind

  1. Wonderfully written piece. She lives in this vintage, ancient house and she had these keepsakes of her life. But something happened made her sad, and she cried. I don’t think she stayed hidden in her house after, the fingers release her throat. She lets go of the house, her hiding place — the walls growing paper thin. Maybe she hears voices I’m not sure, maybe it’s just memories that were whispers and now “screams.” And everything she believed in, new as the truth wasn’t real. It was “a lie” but others only believed it was a lie because their minds were “honeyed” basically something was made to sound sweet, but it wasn’t sweet it all. This is an interesting piece. I can’t get a clear read. Great writ though 🙂 I love puzzling out poems as you know,

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      • Thank you 😀 I think the poems we write ourselves are always difficult to unpuzzle. For myself, often I find people notice things, or see something I’m showing and sometimes I’m not even aware 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada)!

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      • I do the exact same thing with my writing. I start with an idea and don’t know where it’s going or what I’m saying till the end. And am always surprised by the different interpretations from people!
        Happy Thanksgiving honey. Hope you have a lovely day. ❤️ from a Sunday in Australia!

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