I’m Still Here

I’m still here

lingering in the chaos

of the day.

I haven’t disappeared, although it might seem so. I’m still here, but the last few months have seen me too busy to write much or get on to read all your fabulous work, here on WordPress. I’m sorry for that, because every poet should read a lot of poetry.

So, where have I been and why so busy?

Well I just handed in my last and final uni essay. It has been a long six years of study. Between work, pregnancy and children, writing and life in it’s self. I’m finally finished,

Oh the relief!

The feeling of utter relief washed over me, when I pressed send on my uni website. This is it; no more uni essays. Until the next time, I have the wonderful idea of ‘hmmm maybe I should study some more?’ Please NO! But that is me, always challenging myself, always thinking of the next dream. Will it ever stop. Even now, I’m thinking, what next?

But for right now I need to enjoy my free time. Huh what free time? I have a three year old and another on the way. Yes, I’m pregnant, with another beautiful daughter. So life as I know it, will change again. I’ll be even more busier. If that’s possible?






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