To Wear Our Scars?


There is a scar
that covers about three inches of skin
on soft tissue,
just above your breast,
it runs a jagged line
it reminds me of a flower vine
creeping up your neck,
faded in time
a silver tattoo left,

Does it feel different on the tongue?
I run my lips across the serrated point
Quickening with every lick,
Each mark holds a depth untold
I feel a beating pulse within –
more than just a hollow organ;
a heart of its own
flowing in feelings.

This scar that is visible
carried upon your chest
weighing too heavy
for you to undress
like a photograph –
a moment never forgotten.
A permanent welt.
A visible form.

If the scar wasn’t there to remind you?
Could you forget it?


It’s been on my mind –the idea of a scar. We all have scars. Some are visible, some hidden and those buried so deeply, that we are ourselves are shocked to find they are there.

Does wearing our scars in different ways affect our-self?
Do we carry them for everyone to see?
Or hide them so deeply, that we forgot them, for a time.

Because even if we bury our burdens, they have a way of resurfacing.
Is it better to wear our scars?



11 thoughts on “To Wear Our Scars?

      • I think my scars, within and on the surface, also make me stronger. Much like broken bones which, when mended, become the strongest part — so do the scars…they have the ability to strengthen our resolve to make the strongest part of our character. Lovely as always — great thanks for stimulating my thoughts on the subject.


  1. An interesting question. You are right we all have scars. For many people, the emotional scars go deeper than the physical, even if the scars started physical. Guys are always so proud of their scars and typically as a woman, I think it’s harder to have visible scars. Yet, I think they show how strong we are and wrere, they remind us we fought and survived, no matter how big or small the battle was. Yet, if you are scarred on your face, I think those scars are physically the hardest to deal with.


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