Winter’s Final Note-Revised


Photo Courtesy of Eye Photography

Winters Final Note
In sleet and snow
the land stretched below
and the cold earth moaned
a mournful cry

The skies overhead bleed in white –
drops fall beneath a sinking sky,
harrowing unspoken sighs
Running rivers rest in silver lies,
The stillness of the Snowy River Wattle
engulfed in winter’s edge
broken little branches –
the weight of seasons

in the fullness of night,
in the mercy of the field
death sleeps in weary throw
Among a field of winter bones,
where thorn and needle irk

Fine threads of hair
as gold as coin,
tangle with lips of icy stone,
borne in hollow logs
hidden depths of the soul
with the wind,
in winters final note
Demeter’s tears fall.


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