A Beautiful Mind

Behind a door

of vintage rust

and sterling frame

the light stretched

in hues of golden rays,

Beneath the threshold



and silent

a little box

of household goods,

packaged into

a square,

telling of a life once lived,

Tears of sorrow


her eyes wide

open and knowing

hands of yesterday’s grasp,


slipping from her throat,

she released

all that kept her


the bars of society bled

and the walls became paper-thin

the whispers grew into screams

and she knew it only

as a beautiful lie

soothed in

and soaked in

honeyed minds.






I’ll let the cool water

slip around my sides,

Taste the salt over thighs,

The stiches of the my seams

Little by little come undone,

Laced and twilled around the edge,

The water drips without a care

washing away the worries of today

Undoing the line of stitching,

holding my limbs in place

Allowing me to really see

my own face,


To be confronted with grace.




Inspired by life

and who we are

in each and every moment,

Realising and relishing

the beauty of ‘I’

The power of self belief.

Hide My Scars, Part 2

‘In reflection, I see my skin, behind the paint I coat it in, Wrinkles and crevices and blemishes adorn, the face, I’ve looked upon, In years of self-doubt and time ticked on, I finally see, the one, who I’ve been looking for, is ME.’


Part 1 of Hide My Scars

Through The Looking Glass


Through the looking glass
She stares,
Her reflection – a ghostly echo,
A time long spent,
In thinking,
And contemplation,
Of lines and scars,
The outline of her mask,
Jaded by the grass.
The linage of her ancestors,
A field of wire threads,
Cloaking her tired eyes,
Wrinkles and creases,
Running horizontal,
Throwing light over her tender mouth,
The cask of judgment, draping over course,
Hiding behind, the harsh reality of life,
In folded limbs and weeping cries,
In the looking glass,
The cruellest conviction inflicted by self. 

Strip, Part 3



Coconut oil,
Strip, curves of killer seduction,
Bounded, in ties of erotica,
Labelled, Peel back the cloak,
Bare bones and isolation,
The body a shell of intoxication,
Hungover and hysterical,
Lurid, in Malibu,
Alice, open,
Back the concealment,
Her battle just begun.

Part 1, Drip

Part 2, Sip

Be Yourself


Today, is the day I stop, comparing myself to anyone else. To believe in who I am. To grow as myself and leave behind my doubt. To face fear head on. Today is a defining moment in becoming. I am me.

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Vanity’s Hollow Dreams

Peeking out the window, Rectangular, Little cracks run deep, Etch the glass, like little scars, Engrained in my heart, Fragmented shards, Gripping my reflection, Twisting the image, Echoing the dimensions, The face staring back at me, Unknown, Lines and broken … Continue reading