I Kissed A Girl

With lips open and succulent,
Titillating and moist,
Bareness brushes against, the delicateness of her skin,
Gently stroke –
Press together,
Lick and suck,
In tempered thirst,
Fingers to caress, each location,
Our bodies of perspiration;
Wet and damp,
On the brink of collapse;
Dip and guide,
Hands behind our back,
Tied and bound, to the cuffs –
Wrapped around, the bed,
To kiss, the lips of a girl,
The sweet sensations;
Atmospherically exposed,
To stimulate and spur,
Limbs an entangled mess,
Mouths vulnerable and feverishly awaiting,
The wetness of our love and;
Insatiable tongues.

Wicked Lust

Sticky and slick,
Slippery slopes,
Idle in thick dripping mud,
A puddle of soft –
Wet earth,
Coated in oil,
Dirty skin,
Hands exploring,
Cervices adoring,
Clay covering,
Lips parched,
Exposed to the wind,
Tongues stained,
Tainted lowdown,
And wet with desire,
In a puddle of mud,
Two with erotic thrust,
And wicked lust.


A Darling Little Affair

A Darling Affair,
In a suffocating grip,
13th avenue,
Parkway drive,
Rose bush and spike,
A thorn in her finger,
Melrose and Ford,
Pride and pleasure, mixed,
A present at noon,
A blue blanket and an old feathery pillow,
In crestfallen gloom,
If I had antlers, my head would be heavy,
My heart an entangled wound,
Dripping in gallons,
Burdensome secrets,
Cloak and danger in the closet,
Tapping to reveal,
The darling little affair,
Between two.