He said, Let me take your wings, Draw them back and still the flight, Free you from the dark of night, She said, Let me be, The night’s shadows dance with me, Entwined in the shade of black orchid … Continue reading

Femme Fatale

With a carving knife, She sliced the coral, Slipped and cut the skin, Torque, the patterns swirled, Blood to jinx, Cutthroat, the callous heart, A hex and hymn, Wet lips entice, Femme fatale in the night, The sailor a puppet … Continue reading

Daydreams Of You


Daydreams are filled with images of you,
Instilled in the light of day,
Infused in the way,
Your hair falls sleepily across your face,
Subdued in your smile,
Muted in hues of sunlight,
Whispered and hushed below the jacaranda tree,
Blue buds of iridescence,
Cloudless skies,
A mirror of endless depth,
Reflection upon blush and china rose lips,
Tumbling softly,
Dreams of you to hold,
Close to my heart,
A mirage of love.

J.Calvert 2015