The Northern Winds

In familiarity
Abacinate in copper stone-
Blinded by the strokes of love.
With wild winds and uprooting pine.
Pebbles reflecting the mirror of time.
The shallow grave of the rivers passage,
drowning in dead buds and harrowing feat.
We have been here, in this time –
The time before and beyond,
Unyielding and true,
Lifetimes imbued.
A veil of lace covered your glorious face,
In times of yesteryear; in the highlands
I held you near.
In all our lives drawn
the horizon steals our gaze,
on each morn,
and the low rumble of thunder
in the distance, signalling from the north.
Our binds held our wrist tight
Threaded the wire across our skin,
Etching our love within,
In wounds and summons-
Star-crossed lovers till the end,
In the moments before our deaths, we knew we would meet again.

Endless –

Our love flows.




Pretty little floral flowers; in yesterday’s bloom. 

An Ancient Cinderella Story

Across the sea,
The Mediterranean flows, Forth From the Nile,
She Rhadopis,
With curls of golden honey,
Eyes of Acanthus,

Searching for the sea, to carry her away,
In rose red slippers,
She spins, she weaves, she grows weary,
She falls,

A pharaoh swoons,
A lotus flower,
Tresses, as feathery as papyrus,
A gemstone of the Nile,
An ancient Cinderella story.

Wildflower Blooms

“Lay with me in fields of wildflower blooms.”


Bon Voyage

I will be going on holidays today, so if things are a little quiet at Ink and Quill, that’s because I’ll be by the pool sipping cocktails and lapping up the sun!

I have scheduled post for each day and I’ll pop in when I can. It will be nice to have a week off to clear my mind and come back refreshed!

On a great note, my little Ink and Quill, is one away from 550 followers! That is just absolutely incredible. Thank you to everyone, who reads and likes my work.

Bon Voyage,

Back Soon





Memories of you, linger still.


Rabbit Hearted Girl 

‘Here I am a rabbit-hearted girl frozen in the headlights.’


Entwined In Rain And River

lovers watercoloursSplatter paint over the canvas,

Reds and gold, crimson bold,


A master piece,

A story told,

A lover’s qualm,

A soft charm,

The lights that sprinkle the moon above,

I’ll paint a picture of,

In this picture we will be lovers,

Entwined in rain and river,

Stroked and shaded,

Posed and paraded,

Locked enduringly,

For all of history,

Tinted as one.


Lost in a disturbed wonderland,

Of checkers of black and white,

Of green streaked skies,

Ghouls and monsters bask in the light,

Where black winds blow the trees of skulls,

Tripping over trunks of gold,

Candy cane and trolls,

Alice is there in leggings of stripes,

Chasing a hare,

Down the rabbit hole,

She fell,

Deeper and deeper into wonderland.