Horns & Halo’s Book Reviews

****** STARS

Everything about this poetry collection spoke to and speared my heart. Every word is woven so beautifully and it appears almost effortless. I’m so excited to see more from this poet!

Lo-arna Green, Author (GOODREADS)

***** STARS

40 pages sewn by poetess, Jennifer Calvert, 128 poems that spreads across a smorgasbord of emotions. Pick a theme, Love, Broken Pieces, Warriors Hearts, Self-Love and being a Badass, you will definitely have a taste that is refined and raw. The presentation of Horns & Halos allows the reader to breathe from one poem to the next, from one verse to the next. That breath taken is the moment to savour.

I highly recommend this collection of poetry to anyone who is famished for the art of words.

Antony Ros, Writer/Poet
BC Canada (AMAZON)

***** STARS

Horns & Halos is a beautiful and powerful collection of poems. Every piece, every line, every word will reassure you that no matter your struggles, your past, you are pure strength held within the human form.
A powerful collection taking the reader on a journey of self empowerment.

Lotti, Writer/Poet (AMAZON) 

Jennifer Calvert reminds us of what it is to feel love and sadness all in the same book. Her poetry is evocative and opens up the emotions of the reader. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for poetry on the full spectrum of life and love.

Kirsty Ferguson, Author

Powerful and Inspiring

 Jennifer Calvert writes with a liberated pen. Her poems are bold and sassy. I love the way she pours her heart into her poetry, a poetry that is truly unique in style and composition. Jennifer has a powerful voice that I find inspiring and fresh. Her amazing talent for writing and portraying the depth of soul is evident in every poem. I look forward to seeing more of her poetry.

Elizabeth Wilson

Writer, Editor, & Graphic Designer