One thought on “Inspire Me

  1. In silver flashes glimpsed of slithered air,
    He suddenly knew she was most unreal,
    Her denial’s avarice, sheer despair,
    Her disavowal, love’s savage repeal.
    The serrated truth that she does not care,
    Ruinous scything that time will not heal.

    A fluttering sylph, she, who came and went
    In some frivolous game of dice and chance,
    Her invisibility now she’s spent
    Her amusement in a throwaway dance
    Of feints and illusions her wing-tip bent,
    Then her flight in disdain without a glance.

    Without compunction, without compassion
    Off sylph flew to a different dimension
    Where broken hearts have gone out of fashion,
    Sorrow-steeped souls defy comprehension
    And the flit and fleeting throes of passion
    She flutters on men pass without mention.

    In abandoning loves with denial,
    She pretends not to hear lest someone sees
    Her shameful past as worthy of trial,
    Lest sands of the shores and sands of the seas
    Blow on her shifting breeze after a while,
    Spelling the truth of her victim’s sad pleas.


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