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Poetry is fluid and interchanging based on emotion and perception. It allows both the poet and the reader to discover and interpret the words, for themselves.

Life is a lot like poetry, always changing, unique, flexible, forever challenging the mind, and flooding the senses.

Horns & Halo’s was written to convey this sense of self through both emotion and experience. Horns & Halo’s connects the written word, with the real world. No bullshit, no sugar-coating, just up front and raw…



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To Kiss A Girl – Revised

I’ve always wondered

What it’d be like,
to kiss the lips, of a girl,
Soft and smooth,
like my own,
open and ripe;
the arc of her lips
pressed against the curve of my tongue,
to please
and feel the stir,
to stroke and suffer,
the sensations – textures of silky skin,
of two hearts beating in perfect applause,
to thread and tie,
the gather, of her strings,
the grip of her curiosity,
dearly – grasping my wrists,
in heated desire
our bodies dripping wet,
bound between curiosity and knowing
our bodies, to discover
each extinguished edge,
on the threshold, of the end,
to shake and tremble, delicate in our adore,
what it’d would be like,
to kiss a girl.


Submissions on Ink and Quill


Ink and Quill is accepting submissions.

Would you like to feature on Ink & Quill?

I’m looking for poetry, and fiction, art, music and photography that is original, quirky, dark, romantic, thought provoking, empowering…new or previously published on your site.

In particular, I would like to feature poetry, fiction, art music, or photography in honour of powerful and empowered woman.

The submissions will feature on Ink and Quill weekly and on the side bar!

Please include all work in an attachment file, including images and copyright links to photographs.

*Poems: include 1-3 poems. Include a brief bio and location.

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*Photography and art: please include up to 5 pieces or photographs, and a brief bio and location and inspiration behind the art or photograph.

Please submit all submissions to inkandquill at outlook dot com dot au

Please allow one month response time.

Thanks Jen


Blustering In The Wind

Blustering in the wind,
The cool air, braces my limbs,
Tries to push and pull,
I lose my balance and fall,
In effort, I crawl,
Balancing on the steps of broken love,
My knees ache from the weight of the dirt,
The sky collapsing around my broken bones,
Eyes overcast by the sun and the moon,
The mist clears,
Shifts and opens the blinds,
Casting light over the rife,
My body wakes,
Fixes beyond the grave,
Trembles in the rouse,
In effort I walk,
Thinly, tiptoe on. 


The Beauty Of Your Love

Perfect lines,
In symmetry,
The outline of your –
Lips reach,
Touch my eyes, gently,
Trace around your silhouette,
With shaking hand,
Map out the landmarks,
Your heart, stirs mellifluous,
Under the weight of my fingers,
Strokes the contours of your skin,
In light movements,
Illuminate, the ties bond,
In tint and shade,
Draw in illustrations –
The beauty of your love.


Art Deco

The night is on my side,
Lost in the specks of the sky,
Shadowed and trailed,
Diagonal, the eclipse of my heart,
Concealed behind the truth,
My emotions sleep, in the dark,

A broken heart,
Swollen and heightened,
A Treacherous path,
A basket of straw and a cloth of white cotton,
And a tipi on the grassy shore,
The river to break the silence of the woods,
Conceptual in the night, moving rapidly,

In terror, powerless to shift,
Fear grips her suffocating hands,
Hope tries to breathe, the empty air,
An art deco world, fringed in contemporary fashion,
Blinded by the traces of geometry, reflections,
Shapes of indiscretions, too fragile to change a thing.

Twisted Wire

On battle fields, Of barren land, He a warlord, An oath to the gods, Tied to Odin, folklore binds, He gives himself to the skies, In charging light, In ink snaked arms, Painted in the earths clay, Shielded by armour, … Continue reading


Lost in a disturbed wonderland,

Of checkers of black and white,

Of green streaked skies,

Ghouls and monsters bask in the light,

Where black winds blow the trees of skulls,

Tripping over trunks of gold,

Candy cane and trolls,

Alice is there in leggings of stripes,

Chasing a hare,

Down the rabbit hole,

She fell,

Deeper and deeper into wonderland.

A Golden Pond

8b14a7aa21c02d88842857f2820a1ccbA golden pond,
A lily pad of mossy stones,
An ivory swan,
Gliding against the current of the mere,
Of honeydew and Isabelline,
She glides downstream,
In nakedness,
Of bare nipples, navel and legs,
Of auburn dreams and tangerine love,

Sun streaking sky and blackbird’s coast,
River immerses,
She floats.

A Poet’s Love

A vision of silken sun,
A poets envisioned love.

Jennifer Calvert