Thorns and Thistledowns

imageSleeping in the darkness,
On a bed of grassy lea,
Amongst thorns and thistledowns,
Crest and sage filled air,
In undiluted breath,
Lungs fill with thorny air,
All it takes to slip away,
The ruddy soil to enclose,
Cloaked in nightfall,
Blanketed in earth,
In distant kingdoms to the north,
On shores of scarlet toil,
Treasures buried deep below,
Sinking deeper,
Cobwebs threaded in hair of silken snow,
Shadows and spirits flicker,
The moon glows red,
In the undergrowth,
Beneath the surface,
Lying in a bed of mourning, eyes wide shut.

Silver Chalice

Stunning photography by

Stunning photography by

In forgotten place,
In time adrift,
Lost on wings of feathery silk,
Of silver chalice and quill grey,
Engulfed by the darkest day,
Of clouded rain and drizzly sails,
In misty thought,
Hollow basin,
In the deepening shade,
Shadows creep,
Vines entangle and weep,
In nights veil,
She echoes a sad tale.

The Fox & Cigar

red glovesRed silk gloves enclose,

Hands of rose-coloured skin,

Fox fur coat sits high,

Embracing shoulders,

Claret lips caresses the cigar,

Smoke and ash collide in the place,

Between you and I,

Blonde curls stray over ashen face,

The bottle takes centre stage,

The liquid slips down your throat,

You inhale the fumes,

And choke.