Each day the tide arrives Ripples and rolls Wraps around my throat Sucks the air from my lungs The silence of the water Washes over my chaotic mind In stillness I am left Blind. It is merely a ripple in … Continue reading

Silent Sea

Across the pond Rocks inscribe in mossy tones Salt and brine encase the mind Were waves cast their thick foamy lips upon the ocean floor. Coral crush and skeletons stalk The bones cast to the deep. Were mermaids cry and … Continue reading

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Forget Me Not


How can my heart withstand such a beating?
Like a gale thrashing inside my chest
In all directions; madly aghast
Lungs filled with choking breath
Damson and decayed -bones abreast
Throat gripping with despair
In dirt and girt
Tongue bleeding into the anthurium leaves
Bright blue lips
Forget me not – in curving spikes
Coil around my chest
Eyes closed in clenching thought
How can heart endure such a loss?