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A Black Hawk and A Dove

Incredible image courtesy of; Brooke Shaden The World Above, 2011

Incredible image courtesy of; Brooke Shaden
The World Above, 2011.

The wind’s body, blustery and bracing,

The breathe of leaves,

Blow across the seas,

Petals of rose buds, to scatter,

Against the storm,


A black hawk and a dove,

A protector of the pharaoh,

A peaceful mediator,

To rise above in sweeping song,

To uncover our souls,

At the bottom of the ocean,

We misplaced our hearts,

Our eyes to see,

The perfection of the deep blue,

The pearls which dawn our day,

Our hands to feel the power of the wave,

The ripple runs through our veins,

Deep rooted in the tiny grains of sand,

Under our feet,

The hourglass flows on.


Lost in a disturbed wonderland,

Of checkers of black and white,

Of green streaked skies,

Ghouls and monsters bask in the light,

Where black winds blow the trees of skulls,

Tripping over trunks of gold,

Candy cane and trolls,

Alice is there in leggings of stripes,

Chasing a hare,

Down the rabbit hole,

She fell,

Deeper and deeper into wonderland.