LOST in the jagged LITTLE edges of your HEART. 


Two Hundred and Three Candles

  Down by the river mercy bells ring, Bound before the fire fog and flame restrain. Wrists in chain, The wire bleeds; Hooks and fissures Gaping holes burrow. The willow tree inflorescence, the catkins bare – Flaking bracts like the … Continue reading

A Thousand Promises



The day, of grey skies,
Washed in clouds,
Circling white doves,
Casting shadows over our love,
You and me, we meet under a raincloud,
The lampshades on fire – we found it hard to breathe,
The inhalation of the smoke sent alarms bells ringing,
Gasping for air, full throttle,
An empty cavity where my heart use to be,
A hollow, worn out echo,
Hazy, my vision a drained sight,
In the fog, a flame leaps,
If only we could get back, to where we use to see,
A thousand promises, blinded from the start.