HIDE IN MY SCARS REMIX (Lino Robles x Jennifer Calvert)


I hide behind a mask, of liquid and paint
I’ll smear it on my clear skin
hide the scars within
liquid gold to my self esteem
i’ll hide behind my mask, where the real me won’t be seen


If you hide behind your mask
i’ll hide behind my pen till you rise
to everything that i see sculpted in your skyline


Each moment & glimpse
that in the past you’ve hid
knowing that being bottle up your essence is being missed
so i show you everything that you bring to the list
bit by bit


No make up or mask
i shower you in everything that i bask
in since others have lost you i go for the win
your beauty is a godly desire so should i consider you a sin
Lino in bold
facepaint: alejandra cruz
pleas visit this talented writer jennifercalvertwriter.wordpress.com as i do…

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All That The Sun Forbid, The Moon Allowed ~ A Duet

All That The Sun Forbid, The Moon AllowedShe lay naked in his longing arms

Love filled charms

Equally inspired, flames set afire

Moonlight melting in desire

Limbs tangled in embrace, lips that meet closing in space

Nimble tongues played at lightning pace

Conveyed from thoughts that fell from mouths exploring

Dissolving flesh, dripping sweat, lust pouring

Kisses that leave scars fresh, with moans of a murmuring noise

Their bodies soaked in clammy joys

Fused now with every thrust, breath expelled in ecstasy

As cosmic vibrations leaves them messy

As eyes lock in place

Their bodies shiver and shake with every drop that falls from grace

Glistening under the moons glow their nostrils fill

From the essence of them at will

Spent they lay still entwined

Until the rise of a new days chimes


With the light of morning sun

Lovers wake

Come undone

Their mouths dry, too raw to take breath

Fixed a moment in duress

Their indiscretions bleed the bed

Lying in a pool of disgrace

Shame fills the space

The desire of tongues

The taste of lips converging

Stroking, gasping billow breath

Lust swelled, surged in curves of exposed skin

Indwelling, Euphoria stole the show

All that the sun forbid, the moon allowed

The dimness of the night showered their desires

The daylight creeps in

They are left in tarnished sheets

Scandalous their bodies met.

A Collaboration ~ Ax and Ink and Quill

A collaboration with an incredibly talented poet. Link to his beautifully crafted poetry site: Ax.

Please head on over and check it out, I’m positive you will enjoy his writing just as much I do!