Thank You Darlings!

Feeling a little emotional, looking back to when I started my blog, Ink and Quill last March.

Which has reached over 670 followers!

So much has changed. I have changed, grown, become. Writing has turned from dream, a love, a hobby, into a passion, a need, a career.

I believe my confidence and self esteem in my writing abilities is accredited to starting my blog. The support and friendships I have made are incredible. I have learnt to push myself out of my comfort zone and most importantly to believe in ME!

I will soon publish my first poetry book, Ink and Quill Poetry. My plans after this, are to finish and publish my current work in progress. A fantasy/sci fi genre, young adult novel. Not exactly sure where this story idea came from, but I’m following it whole-heartedly, to see where I end up.

Whilst working, two days a week at a Kindergarten, being a full time mum, writing poetry and novels, running Ink and Quill, and studying at university, I’m busy but loving it!

Love Jen




Hide my Scars

Dreams Into Reality


I say I am stronger than fear. Malala Yousafzai

I’m so frightened of change. I’m stuck, in a rut. I can’t breathe, it’s pulling me down. It hurts my soul. I know I’m destined for bigger things.
I feel like life has so many opportunities out there for me and I have a hundred different scenarios and ideas in my head, but I can’t seem to bring them to life. It appears I’m more of an idea’s person.
How do I bring my ideas into reality? My goals are to become an author, published. That’s what I want. But my busy schedule gets in the way, and I feel like my dream is just been pushed further and further away. I can feel it there, so close, yet it is so far away.
Do I reach out as far as I can and grab it with both hands and hold on to it for dear life? Is that what I have to do to make my dreams become reality?

What makes someone beautiful?


So beauty has been playing on my mind lately. As a young woman in a society obsessed with the physical, it seems to be a topic on everyone’s lips, especially in my workplace, the talk always turns to cosmetic surgery, makeup, filters on photographs, celebrity, weight loss etc.

The idea of cosmetic surgery, whilst frightening is readily available and acceptable and most women seem to understand the need or the desire to do so. So this got me thinking what makes someone beautiful?

Is it the way they look, physically?

Or is it personality?

So I began to ask people what they thought beautiful was, most responded with;

Beautiful is,




Caring personality,


Pretty face,



Someone funny,




When I type in beauty to Google, I’m flooded with images of woman, young and of course beautiful.

For me personally I think a beautiful person is a beautiful soul, someone who carries themselves with confidence and are polite and kind to others.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

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Hide My Scars


Love Yourself,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNHOq5IGYO9YaxUkD78NFBGz4JoMtw&ust=1436589378190641Everywhere I look beauty is at the center of all thought. Even the news features catwalks, models, fashion, and celebrity. How is it we are so defined by our body image? Are we not interested in intellect, personality? How can our news be on something as trivial as beauty, something which is so fleeting?

As a woman, now in my thirties, I like many other women have fought the battle of image. I’m at the stage in my life now, where I am comfortable in who I am, not based on how I look. But I’m tired of the blatant sexualised images in society. Even as I write this, the TV news is featuring a ‘news’ story on one lady, saying ‘being pregnant is no excuse to get fat.’ How dare she make such a demoralizing and generalized statement. How can she judge everyone in one statement, we all live our own lives, everyone’s life and their battles are unique.

Just the other day, walking into the entrance of the local surf club, photographs of young teenage girls, adorned the walls, swimsuits, fresh faces, posing for their photographs, ‘summer surf girls,’ it read, now these girls were not surfing, swimming or doing anything remotely related to surf patrol. There were no images of men, on the walls, expect when you entered into the club, pictures of men surfing were on display.

beautifulIt scares me, as a woman who has gone through a life of ideals and expectations, I am afraid for my daughter to grow up in a world of pressure and stereotype. Watching her play, messy face, track pants, muddy boots, having the best time in undaunted youth. It hurts me to think one day soon she’ll see what I see all around. I will do my best to instil her with a sense of pride, confidence and independence and the ability to look beyond the outside and look within.