Amazon Queen – Revised

The sky sleeps

 in the soft flow of night

The wind whispers under a cloak 

of black and gold,

She glitters below the leaves, 

 of broad-leaved evergreens 

Above the canopy, rain falls

Of turquoise hues 

and silky moss 

faerie orchids stalk

Her heart line like an exotic 


Etched, deeply profound

A kapok, 

tendrils strangling its host,

leaving behind a haunted fig 

A ghostly fog –
Sensually, night slips into dawn

Burnt orange 


She, the protector

of all that are gone

Singing a warrior song – 

Dazzling Queen of the Amazon.

Words J.Calvert written 2016, revised 2017. 

Harp and String Quartet

Harp and string quartet,
Echo across the pond,
Our hearts collide with the summer sun,
Burning white,
Crisp, the leaves crunch under feet,
Of shades of gold and green,
Darling buds and lavender cotton,
Jack Frost and Fairy-wren,
Upon the landing of earth and water,
She finds herself floating in-between,
She in beauty,
Under skies of filament,
He in wishful wake,
On grass of tumbling hay,
Hands entwine,
Threaded in twine,
Twirled, and weaved,
Lust comprised.

Silver Tears

“Eaves of golden leaves and silver tears.”

Jennifer Calvert